There are few matters of more concern than the future survival and health of close family members. Arranging an estate plan that reflects the care and consideration for your heirs, including your spouse, your children or other loved individuals is an important part of ensuring that they are protected from future difficulties when there is no plan in place.

To facilitate Estate Planning, you can consider two basic steps:

Preparing a Will
Creating a Revocable Living Trust
Those that own businesses or own large assets or property can require a carefully crafted plan that includes various types of trusts and other documents to ensure that the chosen heirs are cared for should an unexpected incident leave them without their loved one. Estate planning is based upon the intentions of the individual or business owner, and the importance of having a well-crafted estate plan cannot be underestimated.

We make a concerted effort to assist you in ensuring that your legacy continues according to your personal intentions. It is important that we develop professional relationships with your estate planning attorney and work jointly to enhance your portfolio with your desires in mind. We have also built relationships with trusted attorneys and we are happy to recommend their services.

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